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We provide the full range of legal services for all labour and employment law matters. This includes everything from initial consultations, negotiations and representation at courts, tribunals and mediation


Grievance Arbitration

Grievance arbitration is The Primary Legal System In Unionized Workplaces to settle disputes stemming from violations of the Collective Agreement. This system may also settle disputes stemming from the Labour Relations Act, Employment Standards Act, Human Rights Code, Health and Safety Act, etc.

With over 30 years of litigation experience, Watson Palmer Labour Lawyers Have Built An Unprecedented Reputation For Getting Exceptional Results For Our Clients In This Arena, Through Our Passionate, Skilled Advocacy. Our Clients Love Our Creativity (We Go Above And Beyond In Finding Every Possible Argument And Angle) And Boast That We Can Mount Unbeatable Arguments From Almost Any Fact Situation

Pay Equity

Watson Palmer Labour Lawyers Have Been Instrumental In Advocating For And Securing Equality Rights, From Legislative Initiatives To Precedent-setting Jurisprudence. We fight to ensure workers are paid equal pay for equal work


Worker' Compensation

We know our Union members are hard workers and sometimes get injured on the job. At Watson Palmer Labour Lawyers we Work Hard Too, Ensuring Our Clients Get The Maximum Recovery Possible For Workplace Injuries


Mediation is a cooperative process whereby The Parties Seek To Resolve Disputes through communication and negotiation. Watson Palmer Labour Lawyers Are Recognized As Master Negotiators.  In Fact, Cindy Watson Founded The International Association Of Master Negotiators And Is The Creator Of The Renowned Art Of Negotiation And Power Of Persuasion Programs. Watson Palmer Labour Lawyers assist the parties in finding the Best Possible Resolution, Getting Our Clients What They Want And Beyond.

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Human rights issues

Human Rights

Human Rights Code violations can happen in every workplace. Watson Palmer Labour Lawyers help identify those violations and advocate With Skill And Passion For Those Who Have Been Negatively Impacted. Watson Palmer Labour Lawyers Are Well-known For Blazing The Trail With Their Extraordinary Work In Anti-discrimination Advocacy And Are Responsible For Numerous Precedent-setting Cases. It Is One Of Our Core Beliefs That All Workers Deserve To Be Treated With Dignity And Respect In The Workplace.

Employment Standards

Watson Palmer Labour Lawyers are able to help navigate and determine the applicability of The Employment Standards Act and other applicable legislation with respect to Collective Agreements And Beyond. We’re In Your Corner To Ensure Your Rights And The Rights Of Your Members Are Fully Protected … Always.

Health And Safety

Health & Safety

Workers Spend Most Of Their Waking Days In The Workplace And They Deserve To Be Safe In Every Sense Of The Word. We help our provincial and federal clients navigate the complexities of health and safety legislation and give them a solid understanding of their rights under the act. Moreover, we work with them to ensure that preventative measures are in place and help advocate against any violations.  We Hold Employers’ Feet To The Fire Ensuring That Any And All Appropriate Safety Measures Are Put In Place.

Labour Board Matters

Matters involving the Labour Board can range from Unfair Labour Practices to Duty of Fair Representation To Certification Applications. Watson Palmer Labour Lawyers provide experienced SUPERIOR legal advice and guidance for Union’s throughout this process. We’re In Your Corner, Ensuring That Rights And The Rights Of Your Members Are Protected The Fullest Extent Possible. We Do So With Conviction, Passion And Excellent Advocacy Skills.


Wrongful Dismissal Segment

Unjust termination, wrongful dismissal and wrongful discharge are all terms to describe situations where an Employer has terminated a worker in breach of their Collective Agreement.

At Watson Palmer Labour Lawyers we fight to return workers to their position as if they were never terminated.

Media Relations

At Watson Palmer Labour Lawyers, we recognize the value of media relations to help secure, protect, and foster your image.  Our team will help you navigate and understand how to best present your message to the public. Our experience can be applied to drafting, editing, coaching and planning. All in all, we will ensure that your messages and stories will be heard from your perspective, properly understood and absorbed.    

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Political Lobbying

Laws are a human creation, organic, and in a state of flux. Watson Palmer Labour Lawyers understands the process of proposing and passing legislation and can present those changes in a clear cohesive manner. Moreover, we keep a keen eye on all proposed legislation, lobbying on behalf of our clients when that legislation infringes on their rights.

Training Seminars

Watson Palmer Labour Lawyers recognize the importance of training and education for union officials, representatives and stewards. To that end, our firm offers educational seminars on matters of labour relations significance as well as training seminars in the proper presentation and preparation of cases.

For a list and description of our most popular seminars, please see educationals.

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Contract Negotiations

Contract negotiations are fundamental to our clients. Watson Palmer Labour Lawyers provide on-site legal advice when in negotiations. We take the guess work out of bargaining, providing clarification with respect to proposed contract language, your common law and statutory rights. We also offer training specifically designed to improve your yield at the bargaining table. 

Appellant/Court Work

Understanding the ideals of court can be quite intimidating as there are many factors that come into play.  Watson Palmer Labour Lawyers will not let you fight this battle on your own and we will guide you every step of the way.

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